McGill TechFair~ A Recap

This past week I had the opportunity to go to the McGill Techfair, an event McGill holds each semester to put McGill students in touch with companies looking for interns. Even though I’m a first year student, I decided to go and to see what was happening. I’m so glad I did!

I grew up in Silicon Valley, and going to a university in Canada has been a way for me to get out of the “bubble” there and expand my horizons. What I do miss about Silicon Valley though, is the spirit of optimism- the feeling you can do anything. There was definitely some of that vibe going on at the Techfair!

I got to talk to representatives of Google about their up and coming AI projects, as well as about their UX/UI departments. UX/UI are growing at google (which I like to hear, since I’d like to work in that field some day). They have two different types of workers in that field, researchers, and the more hands-on designers. I have to wonder whether I’d be happier researching or doing more practical design? I think I’d need to try both out to know!

I also was able to speak with two Montreal-based game developers. It’s interesting to note that Montreal has a number of video game developers, since it’s not often associated with that industry in the popular mentality. All the developers present were mobile developers, apparently because that’s where the market is at the moment. Hibernum, one of the developers present, told me about their efforts on mobile applications for Disney. They mostly do contract work for large companies wanting to make apps using their intellectual property. These types of apps are a huge portion of the mobile market that I had never thought about before, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for those types of apps.

TechFair was a great experience, and I’ll definitely be attending it next year! I 100% recommend it to McGill students interested in careers in tech.

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